BESA Outreach efforts includes both community outreach and industry outreach.

Community outreach

The BESA community outreach program is aimed at bringing the science produced by the BME department to the wider community and introducing science to young adults. Our programs consist of young scientist mentoring, K-12 science demonstrations and college explainer sessions. Events take place frequently, please contact BESAOutreach@ucdavis.edu for more information. Graduate student volunteers are welcome.

Industry outreach

BESA Industry Outreach aims to prepare UC Davis graduate students for a career in the Biomedical Engineering Industry by facilitating connections with companies in Sacramento and the Bay Area. Our Industry visits feature facility tours, company presentations, and informal Q&A sessions with current employees. Through these visits, students can learn about industry jobs in a stress-free environment while making connections with nearby companies. Companies range from small start-ups to well-established large biotech companies companies; though if there is a specific company you’d like to visit, we are always open to requests/suggestions. Whether you’re a first or fifth year, set on industry or still weighing your options, all students are welcome to attend the tours.

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