October 2018 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: ~16


  • Faculty Coffee Hour (October 15th and 24th)
  • Halloween Lunch (October 31st)
  • Corn Maze (TBD – late October)
  • BESA Presentation/BME 201 (October 6th)
  • San Francisco Trip (November 17th)
    • Exploratorium? $19.95 per person with group
    • Also see Golden Gate among other things
  • Hiking Trip + Social (TBD)
  • Apple Hill Trip (TBD)

 Discussion of the meeting is below.



  • Potluck went well with a good mix of mentors and mentees
    • Can use Facebook as a list of who attended
  • Ice cream social went well to get PIs out
    • 88 people signed in
    • $15 under budget, so popsicles are a better path than ice cream
  • BBQ had a good mix of activity and talking
    • Need more veggie burgers and less normal burgers (by 10-15 burgers)
    • 77 people showed up
  • Financial Planning
    • 15-17 people
    • Maybe do once a quarter
    • One planned in January for taxes
  • Mentor Program: nothing currently planned right now. Maybe a movie night or something in December


  • Meetings will be regular, per the quarter
    • 2 – 3 pm first Tuesday of every month
      • November 6th
      • December 4th
    • Skype meeting for those in Sacramento that are unable to come to Davis
      • A separate conference room in Sac for those

Refill off-shore with Liz

  • Beer glasses
    • Sell at Halloween Lunch and as a prize for costume contest
  • T-Shirts: a contest for design set to conclude at the end of the quarter
  • Business Cards to be discussed with first years during Tima’s talk
  • As an aside not relating to the budget, please place receipts in a folder with other BESA stuff. The folder has “$$$” on it.
  • BMEGG Retreat is planned for 10/12 – 14

Academic Discussion with Tima

  • @ 4 pm after BIM 202 followed by a pizza party

Student Presentations

  • Date, time, presenter?
  • Reserve the times and see if people sign up for it
  • Will be seeking out people more than before
  • Combine with the faculty lunch idea (some opinions for and against were discussed leaning towards not until further discussion)
  • Can use a judging rubric to help critic presentations

Student-Faculty Luncheons

  • Start in November as October is the costume lunch
  • Which lab starts? Everyone, ask your PIs and senior lab members if they would like to give a ~15 min talk about current lab work. The focus is enhancing collaboration.

Coffee Hours

  • Friday, October 15th 9:30 – 10:30 am GBSF 4202
    • Randy Carney, Dr. Carolynn Patten, and Dr. Diandi Wan
  • Wednesday, October 24th 10:30 – 11:30 am in GBSF 3202
    • Sanjeevi Sivasankar, Dr. Lucas Smith, Dr. Wilsaan Joiner
  • Backup activities: draw questions from a hat
  • Have a coffee hour with staff (a well-received idea likely to occur in November)
  • Please send Laney faculty you would like to see be at one of these events.

BMEGG Monthly Newsletter

  • Submit BMEGG upcoming events ASAP
    • Departmental/Academic Events
    • Social Events
    • Relevant Seminars
    • Google event link for BESA meeting and social events
  • Recent publications from various professors
  • Brady to post Newsletter on social media
  • Please format and give all details to be included when submitting information.

BMEGG Symposium

  • Date and location are set: April 26, 2019, at the UC Davis Conference Center
  • 6 nominations!
  • Need to decide who to invite (first invite to be sent out this month)

Corn Maze

  • Whenisgood to come as an RSVP and planning the time
  • Price increase to $15/person
  • Draw from GSA Fund rather than Non-campus fund of $150
  • Total funding will be divided by the number of participants

Therapy Dogs

  • Adoptable dogs from Yolo County SPCA (instead of therapy dogs)
    • Not usually a problem, but this is closer to the original idea about GBSF students/staff bringing their own dogs from home (which had opinions against)
    • Could contact Student Health & Wellness for therapy dog point of contact
  • Dogs from SPCA will be adoptable
  • Possibly invite vet med students who might be also interested in adopting a pet
  • Weather permitting (as it is in December)


  • Undergraduate mentoring- In contact with members of BMES and meeting with them on 10/4. Plan to have Q&A panels, mentoring, etc. (suggestions?)
  • Sheldon High School Design Project Mentor: Still accepting volunteers. If interested email gtbui@ucdavis.edu.
  • River City High School knee replacement activity- TBD, contact has not responded
  • Antelope High School biomedical innovation project: Starts mid-October, contact will give more details closer to the date.


  • Money has increased from $50 per sport to $15 per person
  • Nothing BESA planned for the fall. There are some things going on individually
  • Maybe set funds aside and divide funding depending on what is decided
  • Bring up this with the Dean?
  • Enrage undergrads to fight this injustice with us?

Ph.D./MBA program

  • Should it be broken down into time dedicated to each or a mixture of the two at the same time?
    • Mixture allows time to have classes and work on research
    • Splitting allows professors not to pay for additional classes that possibly does not benefit research directly

ABET coming by to check out GBSF

  • Should clean up labs, communal, BESA outreach spaces
  • Will be cleaning up drinks in hallways and in corners, so make sure to keep track of your stuff for Nov 5th and 6th

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